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*Fresh as the dew on a rose* As just a little girl sitting under the piano while her mother rehearsed for her performances, Misti knew that music was her destiny, no... music was her life. She also knew that, although her mom was a highly acclaimed pianist, she would be the singer of the family.

Starting off as a child, she hit the stage running performing solos at church, talent shows and whatever outlet she could get to. As an adult, her passion became only more pronounced which led her to performing with country and blues bands from Oklahoma to Florida.

After a career of singing music representing other artist's individuality, Misti has turned toward self-expression. "In Your Heart" speaks directly to the emotional core of anyone having experienced a loved one who has gone to fight overseas.

"In Your Heart" received a Platinum Auddy Award from Speaking of Uplaya's HSS software, Polyphonic HMI's chief executive Mike McCready said: "There are a limited number of mathematical formulas for hit songs. We don't know why." What we do know, is that "In Your Heart" was picked as one with "hit-song" potential. Misti Flowers has joined the ranks of Grammy Award Winning Norah Jones, who also received Platinum Auddy Awards prior to her emergence as a superstar.

Currently in rotation on Jango Radio, "In Your Heart" is receiving great response and reviews from listeners around the world.  Got Spotify?  She's there too!